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We look forward to your visit to the Glenview History Center.  Whether to learn more about Glenview history, to conduct research, or explore a personal connection to Glenview history, we are here to help. 

Museum & Library Hours

1121 Waukegan Road, Glenview IL 60025

Hibbard Library: Tuesday, 1 to 4 PM

For assistance with research, contact us or call 847-724-2235. The Farmhouse Museum: is closed for renovation.


No charge although donations are greatly appreciated. 

Group Visits

We give guided tours to schools, scouting groups, and other community organizations upon request.

Hibbard Library

Dedicated in 1980, the Hibbard Library was designed in the style of a Victorian coach house. It is named in honor of Dick and Jane Hibbard, who were among the Center’s founding members.

The library collection includes rare books, documents, photos, maps, artifacts and newspapers related to Glenview. It also houses census records, obituaries, and other materials useful in genealogy research.


The Library Committee makes a special effort to assist students, writers and researchers to search the files for materials useful to their work.

The Library is open on Tuesdays between 1-4 PM. For research requests, please call 847-724-2235 or contact us online.

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Farmhouse Museum

The Farmhouse Museum is currently closed for renovations.  See the detailed repairs listed below.

Built in 1864 by Sarah Hutchings, the Hutchings, Schur and Homan families called the farmhouse home for 100 years. It is one of the oldest homes in the Village of Glenview and remains at the site upon which it was built.


The Glenview History Center, founded in 1965, acquired the house in 1967, under the auspices of the Glenview Days Association.

The Farmhouse Museum displays artifacts related to local families, businesses and the history of Glenview.

What’s happening with the Farmhouse Museum?


The museum is currently closed while we make some major repairs to the property. We are grateful to the Village of Glenview for assisting the Glenview History Center with these renovations. Here’s the list of projects that we’re working on.

2023 Repairs 

  1. Rebuilt the top of the chimney and tuckpointed the entire chimney 

  2. Replaced the roof, gutters and downspouts

  3. Parged interior basement walls to address water intrusion and crumbling cementReplaced rotting furring strips holding the siding in place on the south side of the house

  4. Repaired gaps and loose bricks in the exterior brick foundation

  5. Removed rust and repainted the wrought iron fence at the front of the property 

  6. Replaced a portion of the wooden stockade fence on the property’s north side 

  7. Repaired  water damage on interior walls from previous roof leaks

  8. Replaced damaged wallpaper with custom paper printed by a company in Sweden


2024 Repairs

  1. Replace exterior siding, trim and fascia

  2. Repair or replace windows

  3. Replace the front (west) porch and entry door

  4. Repair the exterior of the sun room

  5. Add an ADA ramp


It takes a lot of work to maintain our 1864 farmhouse. The Hutchings family home and land were vital parts of what would become the Village of Glenview. Thank you for supporting GHC and helping to preserve what remains of this piece of Glenview history.

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Welcome to the Glenview History Center

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