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Glenview History Quiz

How well do you know Glenview history? 

Take our quiz and submit your answers by July 7.  Three winners will be awarded gift cards - $250 for first place, $150 for second place, and $100 for third -- generously supplied by local merchants.  In the event of multiple correct entries, a random drawing will determine the winners.  Good luck!

Download a print version of the Glenview History Quiz

1.  In what year did Glenview first contract with Wilmette to purchase Lake Michigan water?

2. In what year was The Grove designated a National Historic Landmark? 

3.  Name the institute of high education that once located a satellite campus at the Glenview Naval Air Station.

4.  What was the first campaign promised fulfilled by the Village Board of Trustees after Glenview was incorporated?

5.  Name a former Illinois governor who lived in Glenview before moving to the state capitol? 

6.  What business was established on May 19, 1921, with $30,000, a bedroom alarm clock, and a borrowed typewriter? 

7.  What pharmacy closed in 2001 after 68 years in Glenview in two locations

8.  A non-sectarian house of worship located at the Glenview Naval Air Station (and now owned by the Glenview Park District) was dedicated to what man following his 1969 death during an airshow? (Bonus: Who built it?)

9.  What opened in a room in the Civic Center at 1930 Prairie Street on March 2, 1931?

10.  The 1977 disappearance and death of what candy heiress who lived in Glenview has never been solved?

11.  What kind of aircraft were the last three to take off from the Naval Air Station on February 29, 1995? 

12.  Which airline initiated flights from Curtiss-Wright Airfield to Municipal (now Midway) Airport with the April 1, 1938 takeoff of a Boeing twin-engine Mainliner? 

13.  Northfield Township voters in 1917 overwhelmingly defeated a referendum that would have banned what in the township?

14.  What was the name of River Drive before it was changed in 1930?

15. Which club held its first meeting on April 6, 1954 at the Roosevelt Park field house, with more than 80 charter members?

16. What former Chicago Bears player served on the Glenbrook High School District 225 Board?

17. Name an unofficial and popular confidante, counselor, and cheerleader to thousands of Glenbrook South High School students who retired after 37 years in 2005. 

18.  Voters in 1979 approved a referendum that gave the Village of Glenview what status?

19.  In what year was the Village of Glenview's credit rating upgraded to Aaa (and never has fallen since)?

20. Where was the first traffic signal installed in 1932?

21.  What was the name of the animal whose removal in 2002 from Wagner Farm became a cause celebré with animal activists?

22.  What event in 1982 put Glenview's Chikaraishi family in the media spotlight?

23. What existing Glenview church was only open to the public for three weeks in 1985?

24.  A 20 mph speed limit was established for residential streets under the Village's jurisdiction in what year?

25.  This organization was incorporated on December 27, 1965 and created this quiz!

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Welcome to the Glenview History Center

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