Welcome to the Glenview History Center’s online residence!

The Glenview History Center is a nonprofit organization founded in 1965. The Center aims to preserve, nurture, and promote an awareness and appreciation of the Village of Glenview’s local history by conducting educational programs and providing informational services to the community. To this end, Glenview History Center maintains a farmhouse museum and library, which are open to the public weekly.

The Farmhouse is open by appointment only. Call 847-724-2235 and leave a message. One of our volunteers will get back to you.

The Hibbard Library is usually open on Tuesday afternoons from 1:00pm until 4:00pm. That said, there is a possibility it may be closed due to a weather related issue that is beyond our control! Thank you for your understanding.



Please stop by to tour the farm house or conduct research in the library! Our volunteers are happy to set up viewings by appointment as well. Donations are encouraged. Please consider becoming a member!