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Book title:  Glenview by Beverly Roberts Dawson. Images of America Series. Published in 2008, offers a pictorial account of the arrival of the first immigrants to the area, and the village’s history through the first 70 years following incorporation. (Paperback) $20

book 1b

Book title: Glenview Naval Air Station by Beverly Roberts Dawson.  Images of America Series.  Published by Arcadia in 2007, details the story (in pictures) of the history of the Glenview Naval Air Base and the Curtiss Airfield which preceded it. (Paperback) $22


Book Title: Growing Up With Glenview, by Fred A. Rugen, compiled and edited by his daughter Betty Rugen Schutter — Published by in 2010. $12

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Book title: Glenview: The First Centennial.  A hard cover keepsake book, was produced to commemorate the Village’s 100th anniversary in 1999. $10

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Book packet: Two titles, Roots: A Glenview Story and Glenview — 1899-1974, published in the mid-1970s. A packet containing both paperback books, plus three additional Glenview history booklets, are offered as a set. $15


NASG Base Closure publication was produced in commemoration of the closing of Naval Air Station Glenview in 1995.  It is full of pictures (some in color), and contains an outline of the base history. $10


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Glenview Navel Air Station


Growing Up in Glenview


Glenview: The First Centennial


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NASG Base Closure Magazine


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