familydressedup1The century-old Ginaine door — heavy oak with oval beveled glass– bids you welcome to the museum and headquarters of the Glenview History Center.

The old house — circa 1864– and the beautifully kept grounds on which it is located, were donated to the Center in 1967 by the Glenview Days Association. Since then, it has been restored, maintained, decorated, and furnished by the Society to reflect life in the late Victorian Period, 1860 to 1890.

In 1977, the Glenview History Center decided that the original building, though beautiful in itself and in the many antiques it houses and displays, was not adequate for the needs of those who wished to derive the optimum historical enjoyment and educational opportunities.

An extensive study indicated the need for a specially constructed and protected building to house the Society’s many irreplaceable documents and pictures.

The library — completed and paid for — is styled as a Victorian coach house. Its antique exterior appearance is deceiving. It actually contains some of the most sophisticated storage, security, and protective equipment available– all in a temperature and humidity controlled atmosphere.